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Oct '10



For our 5 year anniversary Eric and I took a little weekend trip to Yosemite National Park. We ended up camping at Hodgdon Meadows campground which is just inside the park property. Instead of buying each other gifts we just bought ourselves all the necessary gear for camping! Friday after work we packed the car and drove about 3.5 hours over to the park and did nothing but set up the campsite at quickly as possible and go to sleep. We realized we forgot to bring camping chairs, the one element of gear we had actually owned prior to the shopping spree. Oops.

Saturday morning we woke up and prepared to go on a little hike. We first had to drive 45 minutes into Yosemite Valley where most of the cool stuff is, but that gave me enough time to go over our hiking plans. We were going to do the first part of the Mist Trail, going up to the top of Vernal Falls (about 3 miles round trip). The Mist Trail continues on up to Nevada Falls, and then on to Half Dome. Eric had done most of this hike to the base of Half Dome last year with his friends, but I only wanted to do the first bit to the first waterfall. It was hard and steep, but not impossible, and making it to the top of the waterfall was pretty awesome. Coming back down was also hard. But along the way I saw a ton of squirrels, dark blue birds, and even a gray fox pacing around. Back at the campsite we cooked our dinner on our little propane burner and made a fire for s’mores.

Sunday morning we had our breakfast and then had to break down the campsite. We packed up and headed back into the Valley for some more sightseeing. No strenuous hiking this time. We stopped at the Tunnel View, Washburn Point, and Glacier Point for some of the most stunning views in Yosemite. It was a neat surprise to realize we were looking straight across at the hike we had done the day before! We ate lunch at Glacier Falls, and then started the drive home. The perfect end was stopping for a Qdoba dinner on the way!