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Jan '16


Yosemite in the Snow

Tunnel View looks a lot clearer now than the day before

We haven’t had real snow here in a couple of years now, so my poor snowshoes have been sitting unused. Eric suggested we take this opportunity to make use of the snow and my snowshoes by going to Yosemite and checking out how the valley looks there in a real winter. So we packed up for a quick overnight trip to Yosemite (yeah, living here does have some perks), and got lucky with a nice room at the Yosemite Lodge.

Driving into the valley was beautiful, and we wasted no moment of daylight enjoying a nice walk around Lower Yosemite Falls and around the meadow a bit. We had dinner that night in the hotel’s sit down restaurant and it was excellent. Eric got up early the next morning to take some sunrise photos, but we quickly checked out and drove to Tuolomne Grove to do the snowshoe hike we came for. We have seen many sequoias, but never in the snow. So we were excited to snowshoe through a white forest of giant trees. It was pretty awesome, except for the part where the heavy wet snow kept falling off all the trees in mini avalanches. It was a little exciting not knowing if you were about to get dumped upon with heaps of heavy snow as you went…

Anyway, it was a great weekend snowshoe trip, and for a small 15 minute detour I got to have Dunks twice in one weekend!