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Jul '12


X-Games and Disney 2012

All of us with the new Storytellers statue

For the second year in a row Eric and I and all our friends took a road trip down to southern California during the weekend of the X-Games. Krista and I and her friend Flavia from Texas all stayed together in Anaheim and spent 2 super fun days in Disneyland. It was Flavia’s first time ever and Krista’s second time. We made good use of all the hours in the day and saw pretty much everything there is to see. The new Cars Land is super awesome and I’m glad we were able to experience all of it. I felt bad for the guests who did not know to expect the crowds and were unable to get fast passes or spend the time in the lines.

Eric and the others all stayed together in LA where we went to two days worth of X-Games events. It sounds like they had a great time, too. I wonder if this will be an annual migration.