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Oct '08


Walden Pond

A replica of Thoreau's house at Walden Pond

Today was absolutely gorgeous and just crying out for a trip to the outdoors. So we hopped in the car and headed out to Concord, Mass to visit the famous Walden Pond and see some of the autumn New England foliage.

Right at the front they have a replica of the house that Henry David Thoreau built for himself. It was pretty cool to see how it was furnished and set up with only the necessities. A small board nearby listed what he bought and what he built, and totaled it to about 28 dollars.

Though the reservation around the pond is very very large, Eric and I just spent our time walking the trail that hugs the pond itself. We walked all the way around, which is about a mile and a half. Along the way they have marked the site of Thoreau’s original dwelling, and also left a large pile of rocks that was his chimney.

After our walk around the pond we stopped in the gift shop, and also hit an ice cream truck that was in the parking lot. Overall really fun afternoon.