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Sep '08


Visiting My Old Home

Looking up at the trees

So today Eric and I decided to take a drive out west. We went out to visit all the old areas I haven’t seen for 2 years since I left my first co-op.

We stopped first at Cushing Academy, leaving our car in my old driveway. As predicted there were a ton of athletic games going on this afternoon, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find my old supervisor. Luckily we found him right in the AT room and I was able to have a nice conversation and catch up a bit.

After Cushing we drove over to Leominster State Forest to walk around and enjoy the afternoon. Both the trails and the drive to the forest brought back so many memories. We had a good time poking around the forest looking at chipmunks, and then playing catch with a football in the picnic area. When we started getting hungry we drove further into Leominster and located a Pizza Hut! Yay!

But the real reason to go out to Leominster? Its the nearest Rita’s we know of. So after our stuffed crust dinner we found the Rita’s and enjoyed delicious italian ice and custard. So worth it.