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Oct '14


Visiting Jeremy

Jeremy and Alessandra posing

Last weekend Eric and I had the chance to drive down to Pasadena and visit with our good friend Jeremy and his fiancee Alessandra. They’ve lived out here for a ¬†year and this was the first chance we had been able to see them so it was very exciting. I especially enjoyed getting to share so many of our college stories about Jeremy with Alessandra.

On our first full day there we took a little walk up in the San Gabriel Mountains which are just next to Pasadena. We had some great views and nice weather, and then headed to Mount Wilson for lunch and to get a tour of the observatories. The guide was very passionate about everything and the tour was over 2 hours long. He had some great stories and we were able to go inside and see both one of the solar telescopes and also inside the 100 inch telescope observatory. We tried to go swimming after that at their complex pool, but the water was just too cold. That night Jeremy and Alessandra cooked a great dinner for us and we just enjoyed the conversation until very late.

The next day we obviously made it a point to drive over to Dunkin Donuts. Jeremy and I were quite excited to go there together and it made a great brunch spot. After that we went to check out the La Brea Tar Pits which are really pretty cool. I enjoyed watching the methane gas bubble up through the tar and seeing all the fossils they’ve found in the pits. We had the chance to drive through some of the more upscale parts of the area before arriving at the Original Farmers Market area for some more food. It’s a pretty neat place that we walked around a bit and had some snacks. Then, sadly, it was time to go back to their apartment and say goodbye.

Hopefully they will come up and visit us, and in any case we will see them again at their wedding next summer.