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Mar '13



We woke up very early to be picked up by the Emu Run tour and go on our outback adventure! There were 19 people in our group plus the guide. After everyone was on the bus we had a long 500km drive out to Uluru. There were some stops along the way for bathroom breaks, getting fuel, and one place that offered short camel rides. This stop also had a resident dingo who acted very much like every cattle dog I’ve ever met, and some wallaroos who were happy to eat grass from your hand.

We stopped at our campsite first to have some lunch of cold cut sandwiches, all veggies in mine, and then it was on to the aboriginal cultural center. We got to learn all about the spiritual aspect of Uluru, the lifestyle of the Anangu people, and hear their traditional stories. It was really fantastic. We were also lucky enough to see an aboriginal woman completing a painting that would then be for sale in their shop.

After the cultural center we began to walk around the base of the rock. The full base walk was closed due to extreme temps (it was a bit over 100 that afternoon), but we got to see a little bit, and our guide, Ben, explained a lot of the physical aspects of the rock and how they are evidence of the Anangu traditional story lines. That evening we set up at a lookout to watch the sun set over Uluru and Ben made us a veggie/noodle/chicken stir fry. Every meal he prepared something separate just for me. Often with fake meat added in.

Our first night at camp in the swags was actually pretty fun. We got super lucky and had a new moon so the stars were just perfect. It was a comfortable 77 degrees overnight, and the swags are really very nice. I slept great that first night out under the stars.