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Aug '09


Tech Museum and Sequoias

Eric and Evey in front of General Sherman

We had a very busy weekend visiting San Jose and a bunch of sequoias. The first bit of our weekend excursion was at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. I got to ride a segway around a little obstacle course, and there may be a video of that coming later. Pretty cool.

But the bulk of the weekend was in the Sequoia National Forest, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park area. There were a lot of extremely steep grades, a variety of wildlife, altitudes of about 7,500 ft, and some amazing trees. The General Sherman tree is the largest tree in the world by volume. The General Grant tree is either the second or third largest, but is rather young in comparison to others at only 1,700 years.  We learned that the Kings Canyon is the deepest canyon in the U.S, deeper than the Grand Canyon.  And we enjoyed climbing on the fallen trees as much as possible, with the Tunnel Log being about 21 feet in diameter. The red color of the bark is pretty stunning, and the size of the trees is hard to comprehend.

The drive out there was a bit of a drag, but it was worth it for the destination.