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May '15


First Day in Cusco

We had set 2 alarms, one on each of our phones. One for 6:45 and a back up on the other phone for 6:55. Good thing because one alarm didn’t seem to go off and the second was really really quiet for some reason. Thankfully the little chirpy noise made it into my consciousness eventually and we managed to get up around 7. Stepping off our balcony we could see that Lima was very cloudy… (more)

May '15


Flight to Peru

It was an early morning getting ourselves to SFO for an 8:30am flight to Houston. Everything went mostly well, though our flight was delayed an hour. Thankfully our layover was actually scheduled for 2 hours so we ended up being okay. We got to Houston, found some lunch and a bathroom, and then boarded the 6.5 hour flight to Lima. The time passed quickly with the movies available on board plus the tv shows we… (more)