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Apr '09


Evey’s 22nd Birthday

Everyone at the table

Last night we went out with several friends for Evey’s birthday. Managed to dodge the rain and have a good time. Earlier in the day Evey opened some presents including a Celtics tickets, a coffee maker, and some giftcards.

Jan '09


Eric’s 22nd Birthday

Eric and his Coldstone cake!

Had my birthday about a week ago, just getting to putting pictures online now. A few days before my birthday, Evey and I went snowboarding at Sunday River (video after the break). It was a freezing day (high of 15 in town, 10 on mountain… -15 on mountain peak in shadows with wind… you get the picture). Convinced Evey to take a lesson in the morning that went very well, hooray for linking turns! The… (more)

Apr '08


Evey’s 21st Birthday

Evey and the evening's stash

Jan '07


Eric’s 20th Birthday

Eric's awesome birthday cake with 8 candles

Apr '06


Evey’s Birthday

On the way to CPK