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Jan '18


Eric’s 31st Birthday

My birthday fell on a weekend this year so a Tahoe trip was mandatory. We rented a nice house in South Lake and spent the weekend boarding, sous-vide’ing, and hot tubbing. Excellent trip all around.

Apr '17


Evey’s 30th Birthday

 It’s my 30th birthday!! Woo! Woke up to a lovely birthday card from Eric. We started the day at one of the oldest coffee shops in Iceland, and the first one to own an espresso machine, called Mokka. It was just at the end of our street, and we were the only ones in there on a Monday morning at 10ish. It clearly hasn’t been updated or touched since it opened with dark wood ceilings,… (more)

Jan '17


Eric’s 30th Birthday

Happy 30th birthday, Eric! Hard to believe we were only 18 when we first met and we’re celebrating your 30th birthday after spending all the time in between going through life together. Pretty crazy. Anyway, for his birthday we started out the day with special birthday waffles, and then went out to enjoy some bowling and the batting cages. Our local bowling alley is actually pretty awesome, and they were playing The Princess Bride on… (more)

Apr '16


Evey’s 29th Birthday

For the sixth year in a row here in California we have had a little party with some friends for my birthday and they have made me a Disney themed birthday cake!! I actually ended up having 3 separate birthday celebrations, though, so that was fun. One house party before my actual birthday, dinner out with Eric on my  actual birthday, and dinner out with friends later in the week because they couldn’t make the… (more)

Jan '16


Eric’s 29th Birthday

Eric here! For my birthday Evey and I went to batting cages, mini golf, a steakhouse, and finished it off with Curly Baker cake at home. It was a pretty good day.

Jan '15


Eric’s 28th Birthday

Eric had a lovely 28th birthday. He opened presents, ate a special cake, and then later in the week we went out to dinner with some friends. Eric had been eyeing up a Brazilian steak house place for a while, so this was a great opportunity to check that out. Happy birthday, Eric!

Apr '14


Evey’s 27th Birthday And Bench

I had an awesome birthday party this weekend, the first one in our beautiful house here. We made full use of the backyard and fire pit to host a bunch of our friends. It was great. Also, this year’s surprise cake was the Disney castle logo! Loved it! Eric also finished his snowboard bench yesterday. It’s built out of redwood 2×4’s and is re-using old snowboards from high school. It will live on our front… (more)

Jan '14


Adventures in January

It’s been a while since we posted, and in that time there have been many holidays and exciting things. We don’t have many photos to share of the holidays or the travel we did then, but we have done quite a few fun things since the new year already. Each activity had only a few handful of pictures so we sort of lumped them all together here! This month included: -Eric snowboarding in Whistler with… (more)

Apr '13


Evey’s 26th Birthday

I had a fabulous 26th birthday! On my actual birthday I happened to have the day off work so that was nice. First thing in the morning I opened all the gifts I had received, and was able to talk on the phone with my parents while I did it. Thanks to everyone who sent me a card or gifts, I loved all of them. With my day off  I was able to get some… (more)

Jan '13



For Eric’s 26th birthday we rented a house in South Lake Tahoe with some of our friends for the weekend. Most of the group went skiing/snowboarding, but a couple of us opted to try out snowshoeing! The first day Krista and I went to a place called Camp Richardson. It’s actually a campground with a lodge, a shop, a beach, etc. But they also have a little area with trails for snowshoeing, cross country skiing,… (more)

Apr '12


Evey’s 25th Birthday

Today we celebrated Evey’s 25th birthday. She woke up to homemade waffles and a scavenger hunt to find her most prized possession, a first edition of The Princess Bride. At work a patient coincidentally brought her an awesome cake, so that worked out well since we didn’t have one for today. Tonight we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and somehow managed to leave not feeling completely full. Cheesecake came back with us of course…. (more)

Apr '11


Evey’s Birthday 2011

I am 24! I have had an amazing birthday weekend thanks to my fiance, Eric, and our California friends. Friday night we drove up to SF and met up with our friends for some drinks and my first tamale at an outdoor bar. We stayed over at their apartment and were fed homemade pancakes in the morning. We took off from there to the Oakland Zoo which was pretty awesome. Not a very large zoo,… (more)