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Mar '13


Taronga Zoo

Zoo Day! We had our free breakfast in the club again this morning. They had scrambled eggs this time, and vegetarian lo mien type noodles along with the same fruits and pastries from before. Then we packed up and walked down to the quay to catch the ferry to Taronga Zoo. It’s only a 12 minute ride. The ferry lets you off at the bottom of the zoo which is built on a hill, and… (more)

Mar '13


Royal Botanic Gardens

We woke up and headed into the Executive Club for a free breakfast. They had vegetarian fried rice which was a weird choice, I thought, but it was tasty. Also cereals, breads, parfaits, fresh fruit, pastries, fried eggs, sausages, and some juices. It was a nice spread. We filled up there and then headed out into the Royal Botanic Gardens. We enjoyed the sunny weather and walking all up and down through the vast lush… (more)

Mar '13


Saint Patrick’s Day

Checked out of Port Douglas this morning and drove into town to get some breakfast. Stopped at the same coffee shop as yesterday to grab a muffin and a smoothie. Had a bit of a drive to the airport to return the car, and also did some souvenir shopping in the airport shops. The flight back to Sydney was smooth, and we took the train to our hotel. We had noticed that the trains were… (more)

Mar '13



I think we must have slept for 12 hours last night out of exhaustion. We woke up this morning and took a shuttle into town to pick up our rental car. Then we drove up the coast about 20 minutes to Mossman Gorge where we had our first walk into the rainforest. It was so humid we could barely breathe, but it was beautiful. The vines and giant leaves and odd looking plants were really… (more)

Mar '13


Great Barrier Reef

We were up early again to meet our tour at 7:45. The bus drove us to the marina where we boarded a snorkeling tour with Wavelength. They were really great. They provided muffins, helped us get fitted with fins, even helped me find a prescription mask so I could see the reef. We wore lycra suits to help reduce the amount of sunscreen needed and also protect us from any jellyfish stings, although that didn’t… (more)

Mar '13


Alice Springs Day 2

We got to wake up a bit later today, and we had also paid to have late checkout at the hotel so that was a nice touch in allowing us to relax in the morning for once. We lounged around and basically didn’t get out of the bed until like 11am. Then we went straight to the hotel pool which we had been wanting to do since we arrived. It was very pleasant, and it… (more)

Mar '13


Kings Canyon

Up at 4:30 again to get started on a 6km hike in order to finish it before the sun got brutal. We got started on the hike around 6:30ish, and it began with 400 steps naturally formed out of the rock. This was easily my favorite hike and location we went to. The landscape was unlike anything I’d done before, and really fun to hike over. We learned a lot more about the geology on… (more)

Mar '13


Kata Tjuta

We got up at 4:30am, packed up our swags, had a little breakfast, and drove out to see the sun rise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It was a beautiful experience, and we stood there for about an hour or so just watching the change. Our hike for the day was a 7.4km walk around Kata Tjuta, with quite a bit more learning about the geology of central australia, and some more sacred aboriginal sites…. (more)

Mar '13



We woke up very early to be picked up by the Emu Run tour and go on our outback adventure! There were 19 people in our group plus the guide. After everyone was on the bus we had a long 500km drive out to Uluru. There were some stops along the way for bathroom breaks, getting fuel, and one place that offered short camel rides. This stop also had a resident dingo who acted very… (more)

Mar '13


Alice Springs Day 1

Up early to fly to Alice Springs! We navigated Sydney’s train system to get to the airport so that was exciting. The Sydney domestic terminal has awesome self checkin and self bag check. Super technologically awesome. The morning was an uneventful 2.5 hour flight to the center of the country and a short taxi ride to our hotel. We walked into town first thing to find lunch, and ended up in a pub called Uncle’s… (more)

Mar '13


Sydney Day 2

Since we weren’t able to do any hiking in the blue mountains due to landslides, we planned a beach trip for today! We took a ferry from circular quay to Manly beach. On the way to the ferry we got some banana bread from a little kiosk called Pie Face. They sell a variety of sweet and savory pies with little faces drawn on, along with some other sandwiches and snacks. Their banana bread was… (more)

Mar '13


Sydney Day 1

We landed in Sydney and took a taxi to the Westin. The room wasn’t yet ready so we weren’t able to shower or change from our 14.5 hour flight. We just left our luggage with the concierge and set about our day of exploring. It was rather hot and humid and our sunscreen was packed away in the luggage. Perhaps not some of our best choices, but there we were. We walked all over Sydney… (more)