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Mar '13


Sydney Day 2

Since we weren’t able to do any hiking in the blue mountains due to landslides, we planned a beach trip for today! We took a ferry from circular quay to Manly beach. On the way to the ferry we got some banana bread from a little kiosk called Pie Face. They sell a variety of sweet and savory pies with little faces drawn on, along with some other sandwiches and snacks. Their banana bread was pretty tasty.

The ferry ride was a relaxing 30 minutes with gorgeous views coming out of Sydney harbor. Once over in Manly we walked along the main oceanside beach around to a smaller, calmer cove beach called Shelly beach. There were a lot of snorkel and scuba lessons going on there which made me concerned for what was in the water. Since it was in a cove, though, it was very calm and fun to wade in. Along the path to the beach we saw several medium sized lizards sunning themselves. Based on the signs in the area we believe these little guys are called Water Dragons. They were fun to watch.

After we’d had enough of Shelly beach we walked back to the main strip to find some lunch. We ended up in a third floor cafe called Moo that overlooked the main walkway and beach. They had a huge menu full of unique burgers and shakes. Tim tam shake! The burgers were unfathomably massive, the kind you can’t possible fit into your mouth even after you squish it down and it falls apart. We ate them all anyway and then needed to digest. This time we laid on the main beach, and eventually went in to play in the waves. It was pretty rough with the waves crashing down, but fun for a little while. The only trick is that this time of year they have warnings up about jellyfish being in the water so you can only swim between the red and yellow flags where they have nets set up and it is supposedly safer. But the waves knock you around so much you have to keep checking to make sure you haven’t been floated out of the flag area. I could only take so much of being smacked with waves, but that does seem to be the highlight of that beach.  When we were done with our beach day we caught the ferry back to Sydney. Dinner that night was just some pre-made salad, a box of strawberries, and some tim tams all of which we bought at the Woolworths near our hotel.