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Nov '12


Sunol Park

Our hike today was a little northeast from where we live, over in the foothills of the east bay. And today was a gorgeous, sunny, cool fall day. The hike was pretty short for us, only 3.5 miles, but it had some steep portions that slowed us down as well as beautiful views we stopped to look at.

One of the highlights was the free range cows that seemed to be grazing everywhere. Every so often we would hear a “moo” off in the distance. We did not expect to run into the cows on the trail, though. There were 3 adult females and 4 young adult cows standing right in the middle of the trail where we wanted to pass. The adults didn’t seem too interested in us, but the babies were very interested in looking at us. They all had tagged ears so they weren’t wild cows, just free range. We tried talking to them, asking them to move off the trail. We tried clapping, stepping closer, waving our arms, generally being non-threatening but urging them to move away. They just stared at us. We took some pictures, and then ended up having to go down into a dry creek bed and walk around them. Thankfully cows aren’t exactly predators and the females don’t have horns, haha. But it was an interesting close encounter with some cow families.

Overall it was a beautiful afternoon in our local hills.