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Jul '15


Special Day in Santa Cruz

I was off work today and Eric took off work during the day because he thought he would have to go in for the evening/night. Turns out he didn’t, so we just had a very nice special day together on a Wednesday. We decided to drive down to the Santa Cruz area and have a day on the coast. We avoided the main boardwalk/beach/wharf area as we have been there so many times. Instead we went to Natural Bridges State Beach just up the road.

There are some very cool tidepools there that we were able to check out prior to the tide getting too high. Lots of anemones, little crabs and snails, a few tiny fish, and a million mussels. Those were pretty neat to see and I’d like to go back sometime. We then spent a while playing catch on the beach, and attempting to fly our kite. It was a pretty fun few hours, but then we got hungry. We had decided to check out a burger place called burger. They had a huge menu that all sounded so good, it was hard to pick. Lunch was great, and another spot we would like to try again.

After lunch we had a plan to go biking along a path on the coast. We had a bit of a hard time finding how to get to the trailhead. The method we chose included walking our bikes down an embankment on the side of highway 1 and crawling under a fence. Probably not the best method. We rode a little in the direction of the trail, but ended up on a narrow dirt road with a truck, and I just couldn’t deal with the difficulty anymore. So we walked the bikes back to the car the way we came from. That was a bit of a bust.

But then we got ice cream!! Yet another stop to hit up again in the future for their insanely massive list of tasty ice cream flavors.

All in all it was a pretty awesome middle of the week beach day, though.