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Dec '10


SoCal 2010

Thanks to a great airfare deal Eric and I were able to fly down to Southern California for the weekend! We had big plans to visit lots of people and also Disneyland. The weekend started with a visit to some of my college friends who live in Venice, CA.  We got to walk up and down the Venice boardwalk, see a lot of very interesting types of people, and I got to see muscle beach for the first time. That is an odd concept. On the way back to their house we walked through the canals right at about sunset. Those were incredible, as are all the houses along them.  We then went to a fun Italian restaurant for dinner where they feed you an endless supply of delicious garlic knots. Awesome.

The next day we got up early and drove to Anaheim to enjoy the Disney parks. All the holiday stuff was up and was fun to see, but it was 80 degrees. It felt more like WDW in July than Disneyland in December. It was very hard to believe there was snow on the castle. But the holiday versions of Small World and especially Haunted Mansion were way cool. Although for those of you who have played Epic Mickey, the Small World clock will seem extra creepy. Also awesome was World of Color over at California Adventure. I thought about taking pictures, but there would have been no point. Thanks to a delicious dining package dinner, we had the best possible viewing spot for the show. It is somewhat overwhelming in that I didn’t know where to look and there was so much going on, but it was very impressive. Only bummer is there is really no storyline or theme, sort of just… random stuff to showcase the effects. But it was still awesome.

On our last day in SoCal we hung out with Eric’s aunt and toured around some of the surrounding towns. Luckily 80 degrees is great beach weather so we were able to enjoy Laguna Beach and Dana Point as well as some delicious milkshakes at a shack on a cliff. Overall it was a super awesome weekend.