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Jan '13



For Eric’s 26th birthday we rented a house in South Lake Tahoe with some of our friends for the weekend. Most of the group went skiing/snowboarding, but a couple of us opted to try out snowshoeing! The first day Krista and I went to a place called Camp Richardson. It’s actually a campground with a lodge, a shop, a beach, etc. But they also have a little area with trails for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and sleigh rides. We were able to rent some snowshoes and went about 4 miles around their mostly flat trails. It was a great intro.

Saturday night Kyle grilled some burgers and dogs for everyone’s dinner, and we also had a veggie tray, chips, queso, and a birthday cake! A lot of people soaked in the hot tub, which is more fun when its 20 degrees outside around you. And we all played a lot of games together. Everyone was pretty tired out, though, and it felt like midnight at 7pm.

We got a pretty slow start the next morning. ¬†Everyone packed up to leave the house and we drove to Sierra at Tahoe. Most people again went skiing and snowboarding, but Krista and I were joined by Amanda to try out Sierra’s snowshoe trails. We rented snowshoes again and found the trailhead. This trail was much more hilly with ups and downs, and a lot of different terrain. Some places were wide and groomed, others were narrow in the trees and very powdery. There were only 3 miles of trail that day, but the hills made it take longer.

It was a super fun weekend and a great new experience. I can’t wait to go snowshoeing again!