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Jul '17



We slept much better than the night before and enjoyed another slow leisurely morning. Eventually we wandered out of the hotel to a cafe on the street behind where we had some pastries and coffee/hot chocolate on the street. It was a very nice morning.

We took the travel cards we had purchased the day before to the tram stop in front of the hotel and rode over to Djurgården again, this time to an open air museum/settlements/zoo called Skansen. We arrived right at opening and went in to enjoy as much as possible. There were really great animal exhibits, we especially loved the very active lemurs, friendly reindeer, and a variety of adorable baby animals who had just been born. The reconstructed farms, settlements, and various old buildings with costumed docents were also educational and fun.

We stopped for lunch in the picnic area where we got some burgers and chips for eat. Eric left to use the bathroom as I sat with our food, and soon there was an annoying rooster crowing at me and a very pushy peacock trying to get close enough to nibble the burgers. The table of French tourists next to me found this most amusing, especially as I used a soda can to threaten the peacock away. I was mostly able to protect the food until Eric got back. Unfortunately right as we finished eating some bird pooped in my hair. And as Eric left again to get water to help clean me up the peacock came back and started going after my shoes. Ugh.

We spent another long while in Skansen enjoying the farmstead mock ups and a few more animals. Eventually we decided to head out and walk further into the Djurgården island where there is a large public park and many beautiful flower gardens. We spent about an hour lounging there soaking up the sun and nature.

Soon it was time to catch a tram back toward our hotel. We had made duck boat reservations to take a little tour around the streets and canals of Stockholm! On the way from the tram to the duck boat we found some really entertaining Dutch street performers. We stopped and watch them juggle, unicycle, and tell jokes for a while before we really had to get to the duck boat.

On board the duck boat we were pleasantly surprised with the informative yet entertaining guide. It was a really fun last minute decision that was totally worth it. The street fair where we saw the Dutch performers earlier was still going on when we left the duck boat, but was just about to end. Unfortunately we didn’t know about it sooner because it looked like tons of fun with performers and food trucks. So instead we had to find a place for dinner. At about 8pm on a Sunday. Many places there didn’t even open on Sundays, and the ones that did were also about to close by 8pm. Anything that didn’t fall into those two camps was booked with reservations forever. We ended up wandering into an English pub not far from the hotel. The best surprise about that was finding Lindemans Pomme on tap! So I ordered that and they served it in an actual goblet. It was amazing. I also ordered the fish and chips which was delicious. The whole trip I was blown away with the quality of fish used for fish and chips, it made eating it regularly less boring. Eric enjoyed trying a couple Swedish beers while we were there.

Our second day in Sweden wasn’t all too bad.