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Jun '08


Scooper Bowl 2008

Heading into the masses

Sooo once a year the Jimmy Fund/Dana-Farber Cancer Research and a bunch of ice cream makers get together and host the Scooper Bowl at Gov Center.  You pay 8 dollars (to help the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber) to buy a spoon and you get to go into a giant overcrowded pen full of people

Inside are tents with the names of ice cream makers on them and each place has 3 or 4 flavors which they are constantly putting out in little 1 scoop cups. It is then a mad rush of elbows and spoons to grab as many cups as you can of whatever flavor you want and make the rounds to all the companies.  It runs from about 11am to 7pm for three days straight.

I got sick after about 7 scoops of ice cream, but in theory I could stand in there for 8 hours and just gorge on various quality flavors.