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Jun '09


Scooper Bowl ’09 and Richardson’s

Hi baby cow!

This post is all about ice cream, which Eric and I have been eating a lot of lately. First up was the Scooper Bowl 09. The Scooper Bowl is an event that allows you to purchase a spoon for 8 dollars, and enter into a courtyard full of ice cream makers who place out 1 scoop cups of fancy flavors. You can stay as long as you like, eat as many cups as you want, and generally enjoy the ice cream buffet. You can also feel good that your 8 dollars went to supporting the Jimmy Fund. We didn’t make it through as many cups as last year, but I think it was because there were less people so we got the ice cream faster.

Today we decided to make the most out of our last free weekend day in Boston for a while. We drove out to Richardson’s Dairies to partake of their farm fresh milk and ice cream. Richardson’s has been a functioning farm since 1695 and selling milk and ice cream for about 100 years. Their ice cream was particularly delicious, and the price on their dairy is great. We walked around back to check out the cows, and I got to pet a particularly friendly baby cow. It’s interesting to stand on the side of the property and see cows on the right, machinery in the middle, and the store on the left. We also played on their mini golf course.