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Mar '09


San Diego Zoo

Best rodents ever

This morning was very early. We left at 8:30 and headed south to a camera rental shop so Eric could pick up the obscenely large lens he rented for the zoo. Then we drove to the zoo. We actually managed to cover the entire San Diego Zoo in 4.5 hours. Mostly because the rental shop scared the crap out of us with tales of the 2 hours worth of traffic we would have trying to return the lens. We couldn’t risk missing the shop closing or Eric would owe my credit card 1500. Thankfully we did the zoo, saw everything there was to see, and returned the lens with hours to spare.

After returning the lens we turned right around and drove back down into San Diego to explore it and wait for sunset. We spent about an hour just walking up and down the pier and looking at the bay. The sky was clear and bright all day long which lent itself to a lovely sunset over the water. After photographing that we went to Anthony’s Fish Grotto for dinner at the recommendation of Eric’s uncle who did this trip a couple weeks ago. It had glass walls facing the bay so we could watch the remnants of the sunset with our dinner. The food was great and made me feel so gourmet! I had coconut crusted tilapia with pineapple salsa on the side and citrus rice pilaf. Very tasty. The drive back from San Diego to Mission Viejo was painfully long and dark, but at least no traffic.

Hopefully tomorrow will be nice and relaxing.