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Oct '12



In the most general news, I tried really hard to meal plan this week and only go to the grocery store once. So hard for me, but I hate going everyday. So the plan for tonight was to have baked chicken/tilapia, steamed broccoli, and roasted radishes. Yup, radishes that are not raw! Imagine that!

I’m not a huge fan of radishes. I just don’t like their peppery nature. But they’re a root vegetable and they look like potatoes! Why couldn’t I roast them like a potato? Apparently you can! So I did. Unfortunately, they did not take on the fluffy texture I had hoped for. Flavor-wise the radishes were significantly tamed to tasting mostly like the oil and salt and roastiness of the preparation. They were still somewhat firm and very juicy. Eric did not like them. Whatever. The goal is to try new things and use what comes in the box.

This Monday I sent to Apple minty brownie bites with mint chocolate candy coating! I found the recipe over at the Pioneer Woman’s blog. I usually love all her stuff, and this treat was pretty fun to make. Sounds like Apple enjoyed them, too. And I finally got to use my mini muffin tin! I knew it was good for something. I also now have a ridiculous surplus of Andes mint chunks. Hrm.

Look how cute they are!!
Look how cute they are!

So fancy
So fancy.

I wasn’t the only one baking this weekend, though. But I’ll leave that story for next time when we will also discuss our foray into baby bok choy!