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Sep '12


Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes

For the last couple weeks I have been baking regularly again. I used to bake fabulous cakes all the freakin’ time! I loved it so much, it is a favorite hobby of mine. Unfortunately it isn’t healthy for any one person, or couple in our case, to eat those types of things multiple times a week. I stopped baking because I didn’t want to eat it, and I didn’t want to waste it. What a tough choice! Then I discovered that if I sent a container of cupcakes to my husband’s office, all his coworkers would partake. Nobody has complained about too many sweets there yet, so for now I’m back in business.

Tonight I tackled the flavors of fall. After searching for a fun recipe I came across the flavors of fall in this gem from My Baking Addiction.

In the process of making the cupcakes I discovered I did not have ground allspice, only whole allspice. This was a fun chance to use our mortar and pestle and grind up my own allspice! That mortar and pestle hasn’t seen much action recently since Eric stopped making his own pickles. At least it got some love tonight, and I proved I don’t need an electric spice grinder at the moment.

The cupcakes themselves came out fabulous. They made the whole kitchen smell like a pumpkin pie, and baked up beautifully. They have a gorgeous orange color to them and are moist with warm ginger character.

The frosting did not come together nearly as well as I’d hoped. I’m pretty sure it’s because I cut down on the powdered sugar, and therefore it did not glue itself together as well as it should have. I piped it on with a round tip, but it was almost too thin and appeared more as a glaze or icing rather than a cream cheese frosting. Given that the main ingredients are butter and cream cheese, though, I had bet that a little time in the fridge would firm it right up. I was right! They’re all ready to go to the office on Monday.

The ginger flavor in the frosting is almost imperceptible, but I don’t miss it. The cupcake itself is flavorful enough to handle a good cream cheese frosting as it is. Delicious intro to fall!

Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes