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Aug '10


Point Reyes

Our exploration for this weekend was up to Point Reyes. This is a cool area north of San Francisco with a decent amount to explore. We went first to the western side where there is an old light house. The light house was closed to visitors when we arrived, but it was still neat to see it. Also, there were a ton of whales just beyond the lighthouse spouting and flipping their tails up. We watched them for a while.

As we were looking out to the horizon there we saw land. We didn’t know what it was until we got home and looked it up. We didn’t think there should have been anything but ocean there. Turns out we were seeing the Farallon Islands about 20 miles off the coast. They are officially part of San Francisco, and are a wildlife preserve. They’re even inhabited by some researchers who live over there. Pretty cool.

The purpose of the trip had been to get sunset shots. The lighthouse probably would have been a good spot for it since its the western point of the Point Reyes headlands, but we went to the eastern side to a place called Chimney Rock. The walk out to the rock edge was very cool with lots of wildlife to see, and we could hear more skittering in the grass. We spent a while sitting at the farthest point watching the ocean and waiting for the sunset. The sunset was really beautiful and we were able to sort of “chase” it. The further down the sun went behind the cliff, the higher and further west we were able to go to keep following it as we headed back to the car. The dim walk back was also awesome since a million deer came out of hiding to eat dinner. It was sort of creepy to be stared down by entire herds of deer. Also, we encountered several cows. There are a ton of ranches and dairy farms nearby so there were lots of cows during the drive, but these cows weren’t fenced in, and one walked in front of our car.