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Jul '08


Our Sunday

The last time we saw you we had just furnished the apartment! There have been some changes since then in decorating, but here is the latest of our adventures.

Sooo Eric and I had a plan today. It consisted of going to the grocery store for some milk, playing some video games, and going swimming. Your basic summer sunday. Our plan was thwarted by the evil summer thunderstorm.

I was in the middle of playing WiiFit when the storm started. (note: this is why there are no pictures of me playing WiiFit. I swear I did. But the pix didn’t start til Eric took his turn) It was pretty hardcore outside so I was afraid we wouldn’t get to go swimming today. Luckily it tapered off eventually.

So here is are some photos of how we waited out the rainstorm until we could go swimming. Also, our balconies are quite flooded. Enjoy.