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Feb '13


North Tahoe Snowshoes

This past weekend we went back up to Tahoe! Eric’s college friend, Jason, was out here on business and we were able to hang out with him for the weekend and take him skiing in Lake Tahoe. Since we had just been to south lake a couple weeks ago, we decided to go north lake this time. Of course if the boys are snowboarding/skiing, Krista and I are snowshoeing!

The first day after dropping off the guys at Squaw we took Eric’s car and drove to Donner Memorial State Park. We had rented snowshoes at a ski shop near Squaw and planned on hiking around the snowshoe trail in the park. There is also a little museum and a video there about the Donner party and other emigrants. After a half hour of searching for the trailhead and only seeing the cross country trail, we decided to just start walking where the trail should have been. Keeping the creek and then the lake to our right we headed into the park. There were some gorgeous views for sure, and the occasional informational sign. After turning away from the lake we followed paths of footprints under the general assumption that they probably went back to where we came from, and eventually we did find a turnoff to the trail with the Donner Party memorial. Overall it was a very good day of snowshoeing.

On day two we all went to North Star resort together! We all rode up to mid-mountain on the gondola and then parted ways. Krista and I rented snowshoes there at the resort and hit their trails. They had such expansive trails we didn’t even have enough time to go as far as we would have liked, but it was super fun, nonetheless. Moderately steep climbs lead to gorgeous views, and we had the trails all to ourselves.

Krista and I are getting pretty good with the snowshoeing. Maybe soon it will be time to buy our own.