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Sep '11


Nice and Monaco

Our second port of call was in Villefranche, France. This one required a tender to get ashore which we took, and set out on a very busy day of sightseeing. Our destinations today included Nice, Eze, Monaco, and the casino Monte Carlo.

We arrived at Nice very early in the day when most things were not yet open. We did, however, have about an hour to wander around from the waterfront to some gardens and along some shopping streets. Though nothing was open, it was very peaceful and a lovely morning. There was an antique fair setting up on one of the streets as we walked through, and we also located the building where Henri Matisse lived for a while.

Next we drove to the ancient walled city of Eze. This was one of my most favorite spots to visit. We walked up the steep incline to get into the city and had plenty of time to explore. Even though the city is self-contained and walled in with only 1 entrance/exit I still felt like I was lost in a maze. We visited their church and passed in and around the hotel and restaurant up there. On our way out we purchased some things from a woodworker who lives and makes all of his goods up there. We had lunch at the bottom of the hill in a cute restaurant and got to know some others on our cruise.

After lunch we drove right over into the Principality of Monaco! Touring Monaco was really beautiful and really fun. We did see the tomb of Grace Kelly as well as the Palace, and had time to explore some side streets and the botanical gardens. My only regret is not finding the building that would have stamped our passports!

Last stop of the day was the casino Monte Carlo in the Monte Carlo district. We were able to enter the lobby, and could see inside the casino when others when in and out, but we did not enter ourselves. It was very ornate, and also very quiet. We poked around on the grounds outside, looked at a lot of fancy cars, and enjoyed being on the Grand Prix raceway.