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Jun '17


Mount Fløyen

We made it a priority to head down to the breakfast again today. It was the same as the day before, but that means it was excellent. I tried their coffee this time, and more of the Norwegian brown cheese. Once we were full we spent some time in the room reorganizing our bags. We had more dirty stuff than clean stuff at this point, and a flight planned for the next day, so it was a good time to repack things in a good way.

With that chore out of the way we walked into town and bought tickets for the Fløibanen, or the funicular, that rides people up Mt. Fløyen. We must have arrived at the worst possible time because the line looked like something from Disney World. We waited and got up eventually, but on the way back it was empty. So it was just bad timing. At the top is a restaurant, a gift shop, a viewing area overlooking Bergen and the surroundings, and it is also the starting point for many trails. We had researched a path we’d like to walk earlier and set off for that. It was about 3 miles long and rated “easy”, even though the guides made sure to note that is “by Norwegian standards”.

It wasn’t hard exactly, it wasn’t even all that steep at any point, but it did have quite a few spots of having to pick over rocks carefully. We found it fun and just the right amount of difficult for not having any proper hiking stuff with us. Along the way we passed a couple of lakes, had a few more amazing viewpoints, and also found a small cabin that was selling snacks along the trail. It was a really fun way to spend an early afternoon. We rested at the top a little while before catching the fløibanen back down to town.

Right outside the station was a little sandwich shop so we hopped in there for a light, late lunch. The nice worker helped us put together custom sandwiches. Mine was on a wheat roll with lettuce, cucumber, red peppers, red onions, sprouts, a “local cheese” as she put it, and a pesto spread. It was super tasty. The local cheese was great too. Eric had a similar sandwich with mayonnaise spread and marinated ham. We sat at their counter refueling for a bit, and then set off to explore Bergen for our last afternoon.

We started walking in a direction we had not yet been, on the side of the wharf opposite Bryggen. That gave us some nice photo opportunities of the buildings there. We kept going, through a bunch of quiet streets, until we got all the way to the end of the land. There, behind the aquarium, we found a really nice park with trees, benches, and a view of the water. Also a little platform that jutted into the water where people were sunbathing and also going for a swim. We enjoyed the cool breeze and the view for a while before starting the somewhat long walk back toward the city center.

After a rest in the hotel room we ventured out to a bar called Pingvinen (penguin) for some beers. We sat around a while enjoying different Norwegian beers before ordering any food. We started with some popcorn to accompany our beer and then ordered dinner. Eric had a reindeer stew and I had a “fish pie” that was like a macaroni/pollock casserole with a bread topping. Not bad in any case. The bar started filling up around us as Friday night approached. We debated getting dessert there, but all they had was rhubarb cake which did not sound good at the time. Instead we walked to the park and hung out for a while watching the Friday evening people move in and out. Eventually we found a convenience store where I could try another candy and Eric could get a very popular “softis”, soft serve ice cream. They’re literally everywhere all the time. He got his dipped in a chocolate powder we had seen around, turns out it’s basically hot chocolate mix! Why don’t we dip ice cream in hot chocolate mix? My candy bar, a Smash, was super weird. Like chocolate covered Corn Pops cereal if it were also salted. Not bad.

We listened to some street performers in a square behind our hotel for a while before heading back to relax. It was our last night in Bergen and our last night in Norway.