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Jul '17


Leaving Scandinavia

Our last morning of the trip! We had breakfast at the hotel one last time, and then checked out. We left our bags at the hotel and walked into the main part of town to do a little souvenir shopping and say goodbye to Copenhagen. As far as the actual cities go I think Copenhagen was my favorite, a place I’d like to spend more time or could see myself being in regularly. Second place would be Bergen. Every place was great to visit, though, and we had lots of fun and great experiences everywhere we went.

We went back to the hotel, grabbed our bags, and caught a train to the airport. Originally I had been pretty stressed because we only had 1 hour from touch down of one flight to take off of the next in Frankfurt, and I was pretty sure that was not going to be enough time due to exit immigration from the Schengen region and pre-flight security there. Thankfully our flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco ended up being delayed by about 3 hours so our connection was way more than enough. We had time to buy a variety of German pretzels in the airport, and then it was time to board the long haul flight home.