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Apr '17


Last day in Iceland and Party

Amazing shot of the Sun Voyager

Last morning in Iceland we woke up to beautiful sunny skies. We started some laundry and walked down to the water to take pictures with the Sun Voyager statue. On our walk back it started snowing on us because it’s Iceland. We grabbed the car and drove to the National Museum where we spent an hour or so enjoying the artifacts and more exhibits about Iceland. We had already heard most of the stories and history, but until that point we hadn’t really seen any artifacts or tangible history. That was a nice addition to our trip.

After the museum we grabbed some sandwiches for lunch in a coffee shop, and spent the rest of the afternoon doing last minute gift shopping and soaking up the last hours in Iceland.

Soon enough it was time to pack the car and drive to the airport. I’d really like to come back someday, though, Iceland is awesome. Expensive, but awesome. Also, just to top off the end of the trip we had been lamenting that we wouldn’t be able to drink our favorite Icelandic beers anymore since they aren’t available outside of Iceland. But apparently they are are available in the duty free store as you go through the airport to leave!! So we picked up some 6 packs of our favorites and gleefully brought them on board! Absolutely the perfect ending to this awesome trip.

Back at home we picked up Kiwi, had a day or so to unpack and get back to work, and then we had my proper 30th birthday party with friends! Lots of food, drinking, making use of our entertaining space, catching up with friends, and of course eating a Disney themed cake because my friends are great.