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Jan '13


Las Trampas

After such an awesome time last weekend, we knew we had to do something fun this weekend. We decided to go for another hike! This time the destination was Las Trampas Peak in Las Trampas Regional Park. The route we planned was about 4 miles with the first half being mostly uphill as we ascended to the peak, and the second half being mostly downhill back where we started. The views were spectacular with rolling hills and lots of green. We ate our packed lunches at the peak with beautiful views of the bay on one side, the Berkeley Hills and Mount Diablo on the other, and way off in the distance we could even see the tops of the Sierras thanks to a super clear day. We got a little muddy thanks to an overly excited German Shepherd puppy who jumped on us as we passed, and we got very muddy due to some sections of trail that had not dried out from the rain.

It was a really fun hike, and the weather was cool, windy, and sunny. Perfect day for the outdoors.