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Nov '12


Kiwi Ideas

The box that came last week was pretty fun. We got:

3 pears
2 apples
4 Kiwis
Golden beets

The kale turned into kale chips that same night which I enjoyed, but Eric did not. He said they were no different than eating a dried leaf off the ground. Thanks. The carrots and fruit have been snackers all week, although I’m saving the kiwis for some special idea. Perhaps something for this weekend when Eric is out of town. I’m planning to dice and roast the golden beets for a side dish either tonight or tomorrow. I’m hoping Eric likes these more than the regular red ones we tried in a salad before.

This past Monday I sent cookies to Apple. A while back when I did the mint brownie bites I had done some math wrong and ended up with twice as many Andes mint baking pieces as I really needed. I wanted to use them up so they went inside cookies! I just used a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe but replaced the chocolate chips with half mini-chocolate chips and half Andes baking bits. They came out pretty good! 3 dozen of them disappeared at Apple on Monday, and 1 larger six inch cookie treat went to Eric’s coworker for his birthday. Unfortunately I still have another bag of mint pieces. Time for another recipe!