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Mar '09


Huntington Beach

Eric and Evey on the pier

On our last full day of spring break we managed to have a very relaxing time. Eric’s aunt took us on a little tour of their local surroundings on the coast. We returned our rental car first thing, after some arguing with the rental company, and were glad to be rid of it. Next stop was Huntington Beach. It was absolutely gorgeous today in the sunny 70 degree weather. We wandered around a farmers market and some stalls set up near the beach. We all got a little something new, I got a cute hairclip with blue flowers on it.

We had lunch at a little diner all the way at the end of the pier. The view was lovely and the food was decent. After walking around Huntington for a bit we drove down the road to Newport Beach for just a bit. Moving on, we drove onto a little 3 car ferry that took us on a 2 minute ride to Balboa Island. That was kinda neat, and we drove along the island and over a bridge back to land. Our last stop was a little milkshake place and Laguna Beach. That was also quite beautiful to see in the sunlight.

Mostly, though, today was spent doing very little. It was good. We watched a lot of tv, ate food, and sat around on our laptops. Tomorrow we fly home to Boston.