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Oct '12


Henry Coe Hike

Starting the hike up

Last Saturday Eric and I decided to head out on a 7.8 mile hike (I don’t care that the GPS thinks it was 7.4). We set out early enough to arrive at the park and start our hike by 9am. That was quite the feat for me on a Saturday. Henry Coe State Park is only about an hour away, though, just south and east and up some seriously winding roads. It is the second largest state park in California so I have no doubt there is more to explore. The section we checked out was rolling and passed through at least 3 different kinds of terrain. There seem to be some neat and accessible camp sites that might be a good intro to backpacking sometime soon. I think it’d be nice to go back when it isn’t 100 degrees, though.

We also passed another couple on the trail who asked if we had seen any tarantulas. We said no, and they seemed disappointed. They said tarantulas were supposed to be everywhere at this time of year. I’m very glad we passed them near the end of our hike.

Hopefully the next hike we go on will be to break in our brand new hiking boots!