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Jun '17


Helsingør and Bakken


Similar to our first night experience in Iceland, we went to bed around 8:30ish and woke up around 4:30ish. That’s actually fairly typical for me at home during work nights, but not cool on vacation. The worst part is that while it was fully sunny out when we got in bed, it was also fully sunny when we awoke at 4:30. Yay… Also our gorgeous view of the shops and canal of Nyhavn left us open to a lot of night time noise. We had seen a lot of young people wearing sailor hats and thought it was just some weird fashion trend, but we learned that it is actually to signify that they just graduated high school. Apparently these kids will wear their sailor hats all summer while partying on large open sided trucks that drive around blasting music and providing alcohol. They partied all night. We saw them going strong at 4:30am out our window. We also saw them jumping naked into the canal with just their hats on. I think I could handle the noise or the sunshine, but both was annoying. Surprisingly they started packing up around 5am so it got much quieter after that and we tried to sleep a little more.

Once we got up we had a very small breakfast at the hotel and set out on the train to Helsingør (Free with Copenhagen Card!). It was pretty easy to get there and walk to Kronborg Castle, also known as Elsinore from Hamlet. Admission to the castle was FwCC! We enjoyed seeing actors in costumes portraying scenes from Hamlet in rooms throughout the castle, it really brought the spaces to life. Very glad we went there even though as castles go this may not be the most interesting on its own. Many of the rooms are quite empty, and they benefitted from the addition of the acting and storytelling.

We walked into the town for lunch where we found a little cafe. I tried the fish and chips and was shocked at the high quality of the fish even in the fried fish patties. It was really tasty. After our short break there we hopped on a 20 min ferry across the Øresund sound to Helsingborg, Sweden where Eric had read about a “failed tech” museum he thought sounded cool. It was a very small, new, startup museum dedicated to the products and ideas that were massive failures. They had about 70 objects with very funny captions and writings about each one. At the end of the exhibit they encourage visitors to anonymously write their own biggest mistake/failure and tape it to the wall. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and the girls working the museum were friendly and chatty with us.  We had a blast there!

It was pretty easy to catch the ferry back to Denmark followed by the train back toward Copenhagen. Instead of going all the way to the city, though, we got off at an earlier stop to visit the oldest amusement park in the world.

Bakken was easy to walk to from the train stop, and is free to just walk around. It’s sort of like a permanent carnival with many rides, games, and also many many restaurants and bars and a casino. We walked through it once first and decided there were a few rides we would like to try. We bought tickets to spend on the rides, and went first on a wooden roller coaster from 1932. It was relatively rickety, but surprisingly fun and well designed. We enjoyed it. We also went on a swinging boat ride because I like those, and a very unique spinning/rolling ride I thought was cool. After the rides we had to decide on dinner. After looking at all the choices of many very nice restaurants, buffets, Italian, Asian, burgers, sandwiches, we couldn’t decide and just ended up getting a slice of pizza from a stand. It was easily the worst pizza I’ve ever had. Absolutely terrible. I am not eating any more Danish pizza. Thankfully we got a Belgian waffle covered in chocolate sauce for dessert and that made up for it.

Around 8:45 we got back on a train toward Copenhagen, and switched to the metro to get closer to our hotel. We had thought about changing and going out to a bar to enjoy the night a little, but as we got back to the hotel to put our stuff down we realized how tired we were. We spent a little while planning for the next day, showered, and were in bed around 11 or so. Much more reasonable than the previous night, we actually made it past sunset that night.