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Oct '12


Halloween 2012

Eric and our pumpkins

Even though Halloween 2012 hasn’t actually happened yet, I’m pretty sure most of our participation already has. Last Monday we went to a friend’s Halloween party where all the food was dressed up for the holiday. It was pretty cute. I took my vampire bitten cupcakes and spider cupcakes. Someone else had made stuffed peppers, but carved out Jack O’Lantern faces in the peppers. Things like that.

This weekend we went on an easy, but beautiful, 4.5 mile hike through the Long Ridge Open Space Preserve. After the hike we stopped by a pumpkin patch to pick out our carving pumpkins. That was very exciting as I’m pretty sure it was my first time to a pumpkin patch. Rounding out our Saturday we stopped by a beach that we had been to once before. It is very secluded and down underneath a bunch of bluffs that we had ridden our bikes along. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Our Halloween will probably be uneventful. This will be our third Halloween in this apartment, and the last two times nobody has come to our door. We buy candy anyway, but I make sure it’s something we like because we’re going to end up eating it after the evening is over. At least we enjoy carving our pumpkins. This year I carved Scar from the Lion King, and Eric carved a Lego man. We had a ton of fun, learned a few new tricks to make it easier, tried out new techniques, and made good use of our outdoor patio space. It’s been a good weekend.