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Mar '13


Great Barrier Reef

We were up early again to meet our tour at 7:45. The bus drove us to the marina where we boarded a snorkeling tour with Wavelength. They were really great. They provided muffins, helped us get fitted with fins, even helped me find a prescription mask so I could see the reef. We wore lycra suits to help reduce the amount of sunscreen needed and also protect us from any jellyfish stings, although that didn’t seem to be much of a concern. They also provided floaty noodles so we could more easily hang around and watch the fishes.

I was a little nervous, but the 2 guides really helped me out and I got the hang of it pretty quickly. There was a marine biologist on board as well who had loads of information on everything we were seeing and could tell us in detail how the reef lives and works. It was a super fun and educational day. The water was calm and warm and the fish were out and active for the most part. We went to three different sites and snorkeled for an hour at each one. The guides were with us in the water to provide talks, or show us interesting things if we were nearby them. We got to hold some coral and also a giant sea cucumber. This crew was fantastic and even provided us with a delicious lunch spread including hard boiled eggs, buttered rolls, cheeses, crackers, salad, deli meats, and more. The day was a complete success in my opinion. Loved the boat, the crew, the tour, the amazing reef, and our little Go Pro did a great job capturing most of it.

Back at the hotel we cleaned up and took a shuttle into town to find dinner. We went into a Mexican place called Tortillas and filled up on chips and queso, and little burritos. They were delicious. And then even though we were full we went across the street for some ice cream. I had Toffee Honeycomb which was really good even though I’m not sure what that flavor actually means. Also, apparently this is bat season. We had been able to see bats flying around the skies earlier and I’m pretty sure we heard an entire tree of them shrieking in the town. Snorkelling and being in the sun and saltwater all day long really wore us out.