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May '15


Full Day on Isla Suasi

We slept until 10 which was fabulous. Although at about 10:15 someone came knocking at the door to see if we were okay. I guess in a place this small if you don’t show up for breakfast or either of the morning activities people take notice. We told them we were fine, just resting.

We left the room around 11 and took a walk around some parts of the island. Saw more of the bunny things that we think are called vizcayas, and look kind of like chinchillas. Also saw an animal from afar that looked like a gangly deer but was probably an awkward vicuña. We came back to the main hotel for lunch outside again. I asked the host about some fruits that seemed to be growing along the property and he told me the names, though I can only remember the one called grenada. He said it had a lot of edible seeds inside, and offered to pluck one down and serve it to us if we wanted. We declined for the moment as it was time for lunch, but I was intrigued. For lunch we both had a quinoa croquette to start, Eric had chicken with mashed potatoes, and I thought I ordered a tagliatelle with trout but ended up with penne in a mint pesto sauce. Even though this appeared to be another mistake on their part I was actually happy with it this time. I hadn’t recalled a pesto pasta being an option on the menu, but I was more than happy to have a break from trout for a meal. And it was very tasty.  For dessert Eric had bananas cooked in pisco and I had a chocolate mousse. We agreed the mousse was better, though it was more of a pastry cream than a mousse I think. We were quite full after lunch and went to digest on some chairs overlooking the lake again.

After a while we decided to walk down to the water and see what was down there. Some nice views, nice flowers, and also a ton of the vizcayas. It turns out they can climb very sheer rock faces and were running all up and down the cliff eating grasses and flowers like bunnies. I sat with them a long time taking pictures as they dared to get closer and closer to me. Eventually we came back up and moved to a different chair spot. I found the local dog and he seemed to be interested in some attention for a brief time. I should mention there are dogs everywhere. The ones in Cuzco seemed very happy and confident and knew where to go and what to eat and how to live just fine. Some we saw in other places looked rather sick or miserable and sad. The one on the island I figured belonged to the island’s owner as he followed her everywhere he could, but he was still open to pets from most visitors.

For our final evening relaxing on the island we watched the sun set, rested in the room, and eventually went to the main building for dinner. I think even though the altitude had not given me any sick-type feelings, it did affect my appetite. I never felt like eating anything. And it definitely affected my ability to walk up hill or up stairs without getting severely winded. But otherwise I tolerated it all fine. We called the parents from the wifi near the lobby and then noticed the stars were coming out. It was an incredibly clear night and Venus and Jupiter were super bright right over the water. We even had a decent view of the galaxy that night. We spent a bit over an hour playing with my sky guide app and taking photos of the sky. The moon had not yet risen when we were out there, and the elevation so high, that we got some amazing views of the sky before dinner. We also surreptitiously snagged one of the grenades off the vine for later. We did get cold after a while though and went inside to see that there was going to be a buffet for dinner. They certainly do mix things up around here. And Edouardo, the restaurant host, was always popping up to let us know what would be happening.

The buffet had fresh tomato/mozzarella/basil slices, a vegetable medley of some squashes and peppers, trout in some yellow sauce, some meat we think might have been alpaca, mashed potatoes, a pasta salad with ham, bread and butter, and asparagus soup. For dessert there were mango filled empanadas and cups of hot creme anglaise. It was a nice dinner.

I tried to take a shower after dinner, but the water was barely trickling out of the shower head. I guess everyone had the same idea?? When Eric showered in the morning he said it was great. Oh well. I decided to check out that fruit we had grabbed earlier. It had a sort of thin but firm skin and sounded hollow when you tapped it. In the absence of utensils I was glad it was relatively easy to “peel” the skin away. Inside was very gelatinous and looked like brains. A lot of dark seeds in clear fluid sacs arranged in segments that looked like alien eggs. I ate some anyway. The juicy pouches were very sweet indeed but the seeds were quite tart to chew. It was an interesting fruit, but I threw most of it out.  We made sure our fire was going strong, and the hot water bottles were doing their job, and went to sleep.