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Mar '17


Flying to Iceland

After working a full day we secured the house and headed to the airport for our flight to Iceland!

We both slept on and off during the flight, and eventually landed at Keflavik airport in Iceland! You have to step out on the tarmac and take a shuttle to the terminal, but it’s a short ride. We located bathrooms first thing and were quite excited by the novelty of them. Both the men’s and women’s rooms were actually hallways of completely private enclosed cubicles. Inside each cubicle was a toilet, sink, and mirror. It was delightful. We got through border patrol and customs smoothly, all we had to do was promise to behave! We rented our car and took off to Hafnafjördur for the evening.

It was an easy drive to our hotel, which was a little more “budget” than I had realized. It was in a somewhat industrial looking area and very small. We had two single beds instead of one double bed which we didn’t expect, and the towels they provided were the size of dish towels in our opinion. Still, it was cheap and functional. We unloaded and then drove into the main part of the town. We had read there was a park where elves live so we took a walk around there first and then walked down by the harbor and through the shopping area. Finally we were getting very hungry so we went into the Viking Village restaurant for dinner. This is a very touristy place all decked out in old Viking gear and with many dead animals and skins everywhere. The waiters and waitresses dress in old Viking style clothing, and I gather there are performances sometimes. In any case, it was good food and friendly staff.

After that we just went back to the hotel to relax. We were somewhat tired from the flight and also needed to familiarize ourselves with the plans for the next day. So we just rested in the room, took showers, and fell asleep relatively early.