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May '15


Flight to Peru

It was an early morning getting ourselves to SFO for an 8:30am flight to Houston. Everything went mostly well, though our flight was delayed an hour. Thankfully our layover was actually scheduled for 2 hours so we ended up being okay. We got to Houston, found some lunch and a bathroom, and then boarded the 6.5 hour flight to Lima. The time passed quickly with the movies available on board plus the tv shows we brought on our iPad, and they even gave us dinner and snacks. This flight was also delayed about a half hour so it was after 11:30pm when we finally landed in Lima. Getting through immigration and customs was delightfully easy and the longest part was simply waiting for our bags to come into the baggage claim area. It was about 12:30am when we finally got a taxi to the hotel.

The Sheraton in downtown Lima is absolutely amazing. We were a little sad we would only have this one quick partial evening there. Our room on the 18th floor had a gorgeous view over the city and everything there seemed luxurious. There were 4 free bottles of water and a fruit platter in our room along with chocolates on the bed. I ate a very delicious plum.  Even though it was after 1am, we had received free drink vouchers for pisco sours and the bar was still open. How could we pass up that opportunity? Despite a long day of travel and a short night of sleep available, our first move in Peru was to drink a pisco sour at the hotel bar. It was pretty good! And the late night bartender was happy to take a silly tourist photo of us doing so. We finally got to sleep around 1:30ish I think, with a planned wake up around 6:45.