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Sep '12


First Anniversary Weekend

Balloon on its side

Tuesday, September 4, was our first wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe we have been married a whole year already as it went by so quickly. In order to celebrate this occasion we spent the long Labor Day weekend up in wine country!

We first drove up to Petaluma and had lunch at the Lagunitas Brewery. After checking into our hotel we drove over to Sonoma to check out their chocolate tasting bar and buy some fancy chocolates. That evening we had a reservation on the wine train, which was fabulous. The food was sort of mediocre, but the whole experience was really fun.

The second day started at 4:30am when we called our hot air balloon guys to see how the weather was looking. We met them in Napa to drive out to the launch point. The balloon ride lasted over an hour and it was surprisingly warm and quiet up in the sky. The hot air balloon was an experience I was excited to check off my list of things to do for sure. The rest of the day was spent visiting wineries in the Napa valley and seeing if we could enjoy any wines. We did end up buying a few bottles. Our last stop of the day was the Oxbow Market to try some Three Twin’s Ice Cream and grab a cupcake from Kara’s for later. We were so tired from the early morning we just had Chinese food delivered to the hotel and passed out.

The last day of the weekend was spent in Bodega Bay. First we went on a nice hour long horseback ride, and then spent a while flying kites on the beach. On our way back home we stopped in Oakland to get a knockoff Rita’s treat.

Tuesday my parents arrived and took us out to dinner for our actual anniversary. The Arcadia restaurant was really delicious and really expensive, but it was the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary.

I think it will be hard to top this celebration in the future.

Kite from Eric Gaertner on Vimeo.