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May '15


Final Day in Peru

But the scratches feel so good!

Eric was still feeling kind of sick this morning. We went to the hotel’s breakfast buffet because it was already included, and because we really hadn’t had breakfast much in this country yet. Sadly Eric didn’t feel like he could stomach anything, but I had a great time there. They had a huge spread with many many fresh fruits, cold cereals, yogurts, scrambled eggs, tomato slices, ham and cheese platter, bacon, sausage, French toast, some sort of Peruvian chicken dish, vegetarian fried rice, toast, a dessert table, milks, juices, teas, and coffees, everything you could want in a breakfast. Though oddly no breakfast potatoes in a place where potatoes live. I also noticed one of the bowls of fresh fruit was the guts of that grenada fruit I tried on the island. It didn’t look any less gross with the mucus and seeds floating in a giant bowl, yet I saw people taking large spoonfuls onto their plates. I stuck with the fresh cantaloupe which was delicious.

We rested after breakfast until Eric was feeling up for a walk. We strolled down about 15 minutes toward the coast and found what is basically a shopping mall built into the bluffs overlooking the ocean. We explored the mall for a while and enjoyed the weather. It was humid and overcast, but breezy and really pleasant, especially above the beaches. We saw people doing some sort of hang gliding that looked kind of cool, and wandered around in some parks enjoying the atmosphere. When it seemed the right time we went back into the mall and found a restaurant for lunch. For one of my final meals in Peru I felt I should try ceviche. Unfortunately it turns out I do not like ceviche, at least not that one. I thought it would be thinner slices of fish, I didn’t realize it would be huge chunks. The flavor was very nice actually, but texture was that of raw chicken and chewing it kind of grossed me out. I guess you have to try things somewhere, but I did feel bad I didn’t really eat much of my plate. The restaurant itself was nice, though. I had a delicious frozen chicha morada, and Eric had a nice lomo saltado risotto. The view was amazing and we enjoyed our time there. When we returned to the hotel we found our key no longer worked even though we had a late checkout. So that was an additional thing we had to get fixed before we could relax in the room again.

We packed up our things and checked out of our last hotel, and left our bags with them for a few hours. We went back to Parque Kennedy so I could cuddle more stray cats and did that for a while. There were a ton more people in the park this evening than the previous one, and many playing music. It was a pleasant spot to wait for sure. Eric wasn’t feeling great and we had a late lunch so we sort of skipped dinner. When it was time we went back to the hotel, picked up our luggage, and got a taxi back to the airport. We were facing a whole lot of flying and travel time, but still looking forward to getting home after a long trip.