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Dec '12



Even though the title says Fennel! this post will be a hodgepodge of what I did all weekend. Some baking, some cooking, some experimenting, and lots of dishes. Let’s start with the fennel, though, because it’s my new found friend.

Last post I mentioned I still didn’t know what to do with my fennel. The last fennel I had went into a soup and was entirely unnoticed. I finally decided to roast it and see what would happen. I had cut it into thin slices and even though my entire bulb’s worth of raw slices covered my baking sheet, they shrunk immensely in the oven. I had barely a small pile of slivers when I took them out. I had intended this to be a side dish for a dinner for both of us, but I ended up just eating it all right then and there. It was a wonderfully delicious pile!! With a hint of salt, pepper, cayenne, and parmesan, they were the most tasty, crispy slivers ever!! After the fact I found this recipe for fennel chips, which sounded exactly like I was going for. However, the addition of parmesan is a MUST. I even went out and bought 2 more bulbs of fennel for this week!

On Saturday night we were invited to another white elephant holiday party potluck. I decided to tackle a new recipe and make these chocolate swirl buns. They weren’t difficult, per se, but they made a huge mess out of my kitchen. Since my counters are grout and tile, I do not have a solid surface on which to work. So rolling out dough is just a disaster. Also when you put twice as much butter as you’re supposed into one batch of dough, the dough stays super sticky and hard to work with. Oops. I made a double batch so at least one was right. ¬†They were a big hit, though, so I suppose they could happen again. But not often!

Tonight I was on my own for dinner so I attempted a soup I found recently online. It has sweet potato, black beans, and a fun salsa on top. Unfortunately when I went to the store I came home with white skinned sweet potatoes instead of the red yam kind. Oops. It still turned out well. It is very, very delicious and I had 2 bowls and now I’m stuffed. I think the soup itself could use a little more spice, but the addition of the avocado salsa on top and just a squirt of chipotle mayo definitely ups the flavor. Everything works so well together! I bet it’s even better with the red sweet potatoes.

I’ll leave off with a little photo of our holidays here: