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Oct '15


Fall Foods

Hey everyone. I know it has been a really long time since I posted here. I guess I’ve been busy traveling and working and baking for money (yay!). Aside from all that, though, the boxes just became super repetitive to the point that I felt bad posting the same thing all the time. I still get them every other week as I always have, and I still use them in the same ways. But that’s exactly the problem.  I have not been very creative recently and thus saw no reason to keep sharing how we eat a lot of raw fruit and salads, heh.

Even though I may not be showing off my boxes regularly anymore, I took a few photos recently that I felt like sharing.


This is a photo of some green beans and some cipollini onions from one of my boxes several weeks ago. I thought they looked so nice here I took a photo. They ended up together as a side dish eventually.


I am very sure I have made this dish before, but I had the urge to make it again just recently. I don’t think I used any box ingredients for it as I almost always have broccoli and rice on hand. I just felt like having it. Also I think this time was the most successful yet. I have linked to the base recipe in the past, but since it’s a new post I’ll do it again! It’s a handy way thing to be able to make this delicious side dish without velveeta or canned soup. I didn’t even use the celery or mushrooms since I didn’t have any. And in the past I have added chard or kale. You can adapt this pretty much however you need to.


Eric made us apple pie! He really likes a good apple pie at this time of year and it is one of the things he is quite skilled at making all by himself. So we thoroughly enjoyed that as dessert for several nights.


Another favorite coming back again this fall. I have made this every single time I have received a delicata squash in my box. And it is still amazing and I still can’t get enough.


I’m not sure if I’ve linked to the filling I use there, so I will leave that here as well. I don’t tend to include the jalapenos, but instead add some cayenne pepper or chipotle powder for heat. And it is just as good without the cheese topping. Also I have never made it with acorn squash, only delicata, though that filling would go amazingly with anything at all or even as a stand alone side dish.

I am always so excited when I get the delicatas in my box. I tried to make this dish for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and used store bought delicatas from another state and they tasted horrible in comparison. The ones I get here taste like sweet potatoes and the sweet creaminess of it blends so well with the spicy southwestern filling. Now I’m sad I finished that already…


Today I harvested the pomegranates off our tree in the back. I didn’t take care of the tree this year so unfortunately there were a ton of misshapen fruits and poorly grown ones. The kind you’re probably supposed to prune off to let a smaller number of fruits grow better. Oh well. I think I took 50 pieces off the tree, but only about half were usefully formed and not damaged in some way. Even the best ones didn’t look great which I am also attributing to the incredibly dry weather we had all year. I decided to cut one open to see if the seeds and juice had developed well even though they didn’t look that great on the outside. They seem okay at least. I am hoping we can give away a  bunch of these because I am really not going to use 20+ pomegranates here. I’m worried people won’t take them because they don’t look nice, though. Sigh.


Tonight I also made this amazingly delicious butternut squash pasta dish. I borrowed a recipe from Blue Apron for this one because it just sounded so darn good and I had a butternut in my box this week. Plus it finally felt like fall a little bit today so how could I not make this fall dish with crispy sage??


Crispy sage! That sounds better than fried sage leaves, right?


I highly recommend broccoli as the side dish for this. The pasta dish itself has cinnamon in it, and is so creamy and warm that the texture and flavor of the plain broccoli is a great addition. I am a huge fan of broccoli alongside or mixed in plain old macaroni and cheese, and it fits in just as well with this more adult version as well. I may be biased, though, because really I think broccoli is the best vegetable side of all time.


Leftovers! Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s dinner… yum. I am excited to see if it reheats well, or maybe even if it will taste better after a day in the fridge.

I think that’s it for now. I can’t promise when I will share again, but I’m glad to have this space to post when something does get me excited.