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Apr '11


Evey’s Birthday 2011

Eric and Evey with their special beer glasses

I am 24! I have had an amazing birthday weekend thanks to my fiance, Eric, and our California friends. Friday night we drove up to SF and met up with our friends for some drinks and my first tamale at an outdoor bar. We stayed over at their apartment and were fed homemade pancakes in the morning. We took off from there to the Oakland Zoo which was pretty awesome. Not a very large zoo, but they had good exhibits and also an otter feeding! Seeing the otter feeding was my main goal and I staked out my spot nice and early to watch it. Well worth the effort. On our way home was found an awesome mediocre Chinese buffet in San Leandro reminiscent of the americanized Chinese food we love from the east coast. Back at home we watched a movie and called it a night.

Sunday morning I woke up and opened presents! I got: $100 to Kohl’s, 1 full place setting of the china pattern and flatware we registered for our wedding, a small Stitch figurine, a new book, a new watch band, The Princess Bride on Blu Ray (!), and FOUR boxes of Tim Tams! Today is also mine and Eric’s 1 year engagement anniversary and I surprised him with a gift of his own. He got custom made sterling silver cuff links featuring the Apple logo. I hope he will wear them for our wedding. We then headed out to meet up with our friends at our favorite local burrito place. When we arrived I was given a bottle of wine as a gift from Jenna and Mirza! We brought the burritos back to our place and ate them in the park next door followed by playing frisbee. It was such a beautiful day out here. We walked home and played video games on the Kinect for a while before deciding it was cake time. I was banished to the bedroom while they set up my cake surprise. Sarah and Kyle baked me a Mickey cake! It looked super awesome and tasted super good! That was gone pretty fast. Kyle and Krista also gifted me a bottle of my favorite beer, Lindeman’s Framboise along with a special Lindeman’s glass! Our friends are so awesome! We finished up the evening playing NES and Atari games and reliving our childhoods.

It has been an awesome birthday weekend.