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Jan '17


Eric’s 30th Birthday

Happy 30th birthday, Eric! Hard to believe we were only 18 when we first met and we’re celebrating your 30th birthday after spending all the time in between going through life together. Pretty crazy. Anyway, for his birthday we started out the day with special birthday waffles, and then went out to enjoy some bowling and the batting cages. Our local bowling alley is actually pretty awesome, and they were playing The Princess Bride on the screens over the lanes! After a fun afternoon of activities Eric opened his gifts, then we went out to a fancy steakhouse for dinner, and invited our neighbors over for some birthday cake. It was a really awesome day overall and a great celebration.

Today, the day after Eric’s 30th birthday, we took Kiwi out for a hike. It was way more muddy and gross than we anticipated, but she walked with us like a pro, and even handled passing a few other dogs like someone who is trying very hard to overcome their own social anxiety. Good job, Kiwi!