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Mar '09


Disney’s California Adventure

Entrance to DCA

This may have been the first time I spent a day at Disney just wandering around and not thinking about trying to get things done. Since we did everything we wanted to at Disneyland park yesterday, we started today at Disney’s California Adventure. We managed to complete everything we wanted to do there in just a couple hours.  This was due to a lot of factors. We arrived before the gate opened, its a work day, it was raining, and also 70% of the park is under construction. The amount of construction walls and the lack of water in the lagoon were huge eyesores, but the rides that were running were worth it. Toy Story Midway Mania was probably the best thing either one of us as ever done. It was nice to be able to do it twice with minimal wait. Also, Mr. Potatohead talked to me while we waited in line the second time. He said, “Miss, don’t look now, but someone has stolen the top of your hat! If anyone finds the top of her hat, please return it to this lady.” I was wearing a visor, and also standing directly in front of him taking pictures.

Since we finished DCA so early, we headed back to Disneyland park for lunch and to meander around for the rest of the day. We did a couple favorite rides over again, played in the shooting gallery, and enjoyed our final time there. Once we’d had our fill we said goodbye to the parks and headed into Downtown Disney. We wandered in and out of stores for a while, and Eric had his first beignets. Since they were served as 4 beignets thrown into a bag with a large scoop of powdered sugar, we had lots of extra powdered sugar at the end. Eric decided we should poke a hole in the bottom of the bag and enjoy. Things got a little messy.

When we found it, we went into the ESPN Zone and played in the arcade until we could think about dinner. Then we headed down to the restaurant and ate until we were going to explode. Of course when we left the ESPN Zone the drizzle that had been going all day had turned into a torrential downpour. It was pretty ridiculous, and without raincoats or umbrellas we walked back to the tram to take us to the parking lot. The amount of soaking wet was kind of unnecessary. Overall a decent day, though, if a little soggy.