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Sep '14


Disney & Dunks

Our anniversary this year sort of seemed to span 2 weekends. I guess that’s what happens when it’s in the middle of the week. In addition to spending last weekend on the coast, we had a nice dinner out to a wonderful Italian restaurant on our actual anniversary and exchanged gifts that night. The third anniversary is leather so we had gotten each other leather gifts. I got Eric a leather and glass case to hold his nice watches and cuff links, and he got me a leather card holder to take when I don’t want to carry a full purse around.

On Thursday we also spontaneously decided we’d like to spend the weekend in Disneyland and visiting the new Dunks in Santa Monica. So we did! The gift checks we received from family helped to cover the park tickets, and we used hotel points for the 2 night stay. We had a great time in the park, but the longest line we encountered was at Dunks. We waited 2.5 hours to get our goods, but it was worth it.

Definitely a fun weekend. Below is a video of the robot named ASIMO demonstrating all of his abilities including going up and down stairs and running.