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Dec '12


December Box

Due to the holidays and my desire to only have a box once every 2 weeks, there will only be one box in December. It came to me last week! Woo! I finally remembered to take a picture of my box contents. Here is my latest box:

1lb baby bok choy

1 bulb of fennel

1 head of lettuce

1 bunch of red chard

1 bunch of carrots

5 mandarin oranges

3 fuji apples

2 bosc pears

2 lemons

All that local, organic bounty for $25 and it shows up at my door! I love it.

The fruit and carrots are destined for snacks, but then I had a lot of green and a fennel to deal with. I tossed a couple of the bok choy heads diced into a stir fry I made Monday night. They went mostly unnoticed, so that was good. The lettuce has been chopped up into a salad with some cucumbers.

The red chard got the most special treatment so far. I found this great flatbread recipe that I thought sounded like a good time. I bought a leek, some canned corn, goat cheese, and some flatbread dough all to support my chard. I deviated from the recipe slightly by mixing up my goat cheese with some lemon juice and black pepper and spreading it over the flatbread like a “sauce”. That was definitely a good idea.

I was really, really happy with this flatbread. The flavor of the sweet corn and the tangy goat cheese was fantastic, and all of it worked together to make the chard edible. I don’t like my dark leafy greens. They’re bitter and chewy and gross. So I love finding new ways to hide them. And the best part is Eric ate it!! I’m sure it’s not his new favorite dish, but he ate it without gagging or complaining and went back for seconds! It’s a Christmas miracle.

I still have no clue what to do with the rest of my bok choy or the fennel. That’ll be the challenge for the coming week.