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Sep '14



We celebrated our third anniversary a bit early this year since the holiday weekend was so early. We had booked 2 nights at a coastal resort called Costanoa, staying in a tent cabin that was a little different than anything else we had done. It had a heated blanket, which was awesome and appreciated.

We actually started the weekend with a familiar bike ride to our favorite beach spot, though this was the first time we had seen so many people down there. Kind of a bummer considering it is usually abandoned. We had dinner that night in Pescadero at a really fun family owned restaurant called Duarte’s. Everything was so good, we definitely ate way too much.

The second day of the trip we got up early and went to a beach where elephant seals come to breed and molt. We got there and enjoyed the view and talked a bit with a volunteer guide for a while before heading back. The number of people we passed heading in while we were heading out was astounding. We were very glad to have gotten in when we did and not have to compete with the crowds to enjoy the animals. That seemed to be a theme for the day, actually. We also went to a goat dairy farm, checked out a custom furniture shop in Pescadero, got lunch from a tiny taqueria in a gas station, ate lunch on the beach, visited Pigeon Point lighthouse, had a nap in the cabin, shopped at Swanton Berry Farm, and had dinner in Davenport. Then spent the evening star gazing out in front of the cabin. It was a very busy day.

On our last day of the weekend we took our bikes out to Half Moon Bay and rode around a trail for a bit. Over the course of the weekend we saw otters, seals, and whales so it was definitely a great trip for wildlife.